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Water savings through gypsum application

May 18th, 2010|

REGYP produces a high quality gypsum products suitable for reuse in plasterboard and cement manufacturing and also soution grade gypsum products. REGYP through its relationships can provide solution grade gypsum for irrigation applications reducing water usage throughout NSW and QLD. By offering a cheaper gypsum product suitable for grinding into solution grade gypsum for irrigation,

Solution Grade Gypsum – What is it?

December 1st, 2009|

The use of gypsum(1) as a soil amendment and fertiliser has been well documented for over 200 years. Historically, gypsum has been spread over the ground using mechanical or manual methods. Depending on the situation, this relatively coarse gypsum has often been incorporated into the soil to hasten its effect. Unfortunately, in many cases gypsum