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Lafarge Plasterboard Matraville

September 12th, 2009|

ReGyp has been contracted by Lafarge Plasterboard Matraville for plasterboard waste services and supply of recycled gypsum for reuse in their manufacturing process. ReGyp's services compliment the site waste and recycling services offered through Pioneer Waste. You have visited the REGYP News Room, for more info please visit the full REGYP website , or

Testing gypsum purity

April 16th, 2008|

Steps to test gypsum purity: 1. Determine SO3 and then divide by 0.8333 to get SO4, 2. Determine CaO and then divide by 1.4 to get Ca, 3. After checking that % SO4 x 40/96 = % Ca then: a. Add % SO4 and % Ca b. Divide by 4 to get theoretical LOI. c.