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Why Use OrgGyp

June 4th, 2014|

Org-Gyp (or growth media) is a high quality compost product made from natural products, and not derived waste. This means the product doesn't contain any waste plastics, glass and other contaminants. Nor is there any restriction for its use in agricultural, landscaping and rehabilitation applications. The product is mixture of agricultural materials, such as straw,

High Analysis Compost

April 27th, 2014|

REGYP sells a high analysis compost product with gypsum. This product is made from all natural products (not waste) and is composted under controlled conditions. The composted products include hay, chicken litter, peat etc. The products contains good levels of N,P, K and many other trace elements. The addition of gypsum increases the calcium and

Mushroom Compost

November 11th, 2013|

When you need mushroom compost in larger quantities and don't want to deal with 20 kg bags, REGYP can deliver it to you in bulk loads. We have stockpiles of premium mushroom compost at Singleton and Windsor, which are suitable for larger scale gardens, vegetable and turf farms. The spent mushroom compost is full of

OrgGyp high quality compost product

October 10th, 2013|

Org-Gyp compost blend (also referred to as “mushroom compost”, “spent mushroom substrate” or “mushroom soil”) has become a popular organic soil amendment for the establishment and maintenance of lawns and sports fields, gardens, agricultural and horticultural crops and with land reclamation projects. Mushroom compost is a viable and useful by-product of mushroom farming. Those edible

Compost Spurs Crop Savings

February 18th, 2013|

Compost has been accredited for the improvement in soil properties and avocado tree health near Childers. The compost is spread at 5 tonne per hectare. The idea was to use introduced biology to open up the soil rather than using mechanical means. REGYP's compost gypsum blended product is a high quality product suitable for soil improvement from pasture, cropping

REGYP releases a new and improved OrgGyp compost product

December 11th, 2012|

REGYP releases a new high quality compost product available from Sydney and Brisbane. ORG-GYP is a blend of natural organic matter and natural gypsum which is composted making it a premium pasteurized organic soil conditioner. Org-Gyp contains nutrients, organic matter and moisture and when applied to land it can improve soil chemical and physical properties and enhance

Mine Rehabilitation Products

December 21st, 2011|

REGYP sells high quality, low cost, sustainable products suitable for the rehabilitation of mine sites, construction sites and over worked soils. The products offered are lower cost gypsum products that contain more organics which also benefit the rehabilitation of soils. Rehab Gypsum is the lowest cost source per unit of gypsum (calcium and sulphur) available

Lime & Gypsum Blends

September 17th, 2010|

Lime & Gypsum blends for canola, pasture, cereal crops & horticulture. ReGyp blends can be formulated from high purity gypsum, ag lime and pasteurised biosolids. These blends boost soil fertility, improve soil structure and offer significant cost/benefit advantages at conventional application rates. Other additives available for specialised blends are phosphate rock, magnesite, limestone and trace

Compost v Chicken Manure Comparison

August 20th, 2010|

A trial undertaken in poorly performing soil using the main ingredient to OrgGyp, a pasturised organic compost, saw an increase in yield on a Riverina tomatoe crop. These increases more than covered the cost of the using the compost, and raised yields in the poor areas to levels seen across the rest of the field. The

Org-Gyp, an organic gypsum blend

July 5th, 2010|

ORG-GYP is a blend of high quality recycled gypsum and organic matter (pasteurized organic soil conditioner). Org-Gyp contains nutrients, organic matter and moisture and when applied to land it can improve soil chemical and physical properties and enhance plant growth. Product Specifications - 95/5 Blend (other blends available to suit application): (% w/w) - Organic