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SuperFlocc Solution Grade Gypsum

August 28th, 2010|

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: A natural high purity crystalline calcium sulphate dihydrate with a particle size distribution designed for easy dissolution in both pressurised and gravity irrigation systems. TYPICAL CHEMICAL ANALYSIS OF RAW MATERIAL: CaSO4.2H2O > 95 % SiO2 < 2 % Na2O < 0.05 % HCl insoluble content < 1.0 % TYPICAL SPECIFIC PRODUCT DATA: Fineness

Flocculation on construction projects

December 14th, 2009|

Flocculation is the process of causing small, suspended materials to stick to each other to form “flocs”. These flocs more readily settle out compared to the individual particles. When soil is exposed during civil construction, stormwater runoff can to pick up the soil particles and carry them to the nearest water conveyance. The larger particles,

Construction Pit Water Treatment

December 6th, 2009|

If you require to treat your excavation pit water before pumping it out, you may need to treat the water with gypsum to reduce the turbidity. Treatment with REGYP gypsum can allow you to settle the suspended clays and fine silts before discharging the water from site. REGYP sells gypsum for flocculation and treatment of