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Aerial Grade Gypsum – SSG10

October 16th, 2013|

SuperSpread Gypsum 10 (SSG10) is pefect for aerial applications out of aircraft setup to spread fertilisers. Gypsum Purity 90+%, Calcium 22.5+% Sulphur 17+5 You will need to do more trips with SSG10 then other available aerial gypsum due to its lower bulk density, but you need to assess not only landed cost, application costs, but

Recyclable Plasterboard Products

January 6th, 2009|

Boral Plasterboard products REGYP recycles: Plasterboard: Regular, echostop, enviro plasterboard, unispan, wetarea, firestop, shaftliner, wetarea firestop, soundstop, enviro soundstop, impactstop, square edge, recessed edge, RE, SE. Cornice: Classiccove sydney, classiccove new york, classiccove manly, classiccove cairo, scotiacove. CSR Gyprock products REGYP recycles: Gyprock: Gyprock EC08, superchek, plasterboard CD, CD square edge, recessed edge, RE, SE,