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Gypsum Price Index

July 2nd, 2012|

The price index for gypsum products fell by 1.9% in the US, overall the index remains 11.9% higher than that of April 2011.

Gypsum for Cotton

August 18th, 2011|

The cotton industry is gearing up for a possible record planting of 583,000 ha this year with good water availability and a favorable season outlook. The majority of areas where cotton is grown in Australia are alkaline and in many cases sodic as well. Soil sodicity affects soils tructure, making soils prone to dispersion and

Recycled Gypsum Brisbane

July 21st, 2011|

REGYP is now selling high quality recycled gypsum out of Brisbane. The recycled products have been proven by REGYP with over 20,000 tonne sold to agricultural users throughout NSW. The new operations in Brisbane allows REGYP to service the South East QLD and Northern NSW markets with high purity, high quality gypsum at a lower

Solution Grade Gypsum – What is it?

December 1st, 2009|

The use of gypsum(1) as a soil amendment and fertiliser has been well documented for over 200 years. Historically, gypsum has been spread over the ground using mechanical or manual methods. Depending on the situation, this relatively coarse gypsum has often been incorporated into the soil to hasten its effect. Unfortunately, in many cases gypsum