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Soilutions One-Cal

September 17th, 2010|

One-Cal: Fine milled mineral fertilisers & soil amendments Ever wished you could tailor your fertiliser to the nutrient & pH needs in each paddock? And then easily apply the fertiliser blend with complete accuracy? If so One-Cal is for you. The benefits of One-Cal fine milled mineral fertiliser: tailored blends for each application; blends available for acid, neutral and

Lime & Gypsum Blends

September 17th, 2010|

Lime & Gypsum blends for canola, pasture, cereal crops & horticulture. ReGyp blends can be formulated from high purity gypsum, ag lime and pasteurised biosolids. These blends boost soil fertility, improve soil structure and offer significant cost/benefit advantages at conventional application rates. Other additives available for specialised blends are phosphate rock, magnesite, limestone and trace

SuperFlocc Solution Grade Gypsum

August 28th, 2010|

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: A natural high purity crystalline calcium sulphate dihydrate with a particle size distribution designed for easy dissolution in both pressurised and gravity irrigation systems. TYPICAL CHEMICAL ANALYSIS OF RAW MATERIAL: CaSO4.2H2O > 95 % SiO2 < 2 % Na2O < 0.05 % HCl insoluble content < 1.0 % TYPICAL SPECIFIC PRODUCT DATA: Fineness

Reactive Phosphate Rock & Sulphur blends

August 15th, 2010|

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: A blend of natural high purity Reactive Phosphate Rock and Elemental Sulphur with a particle size distribution designed for quick and easy mixing in a water based suspension and for a fast acting reaction. TYPICAL CHEMICAL ANALYSIS: Total Phosphorus 10 % Citrate Soluble Phosphorous 4 % Calcium 24 % Elemental Sulphur 99.9 %

Salad days for farmer

August 4th, 2010|

Lettuce is the pick of the crops. Ed Fagan of "Mulyan" from Cowra, a user of Super Ag Gypsum, grows up to 4 million tonnes of iceberg lettuce annually which the majority is sold to fast-food chains such as McDonald's, KFC and Subway. ''The drought has been good for our business,'' he declares. Annual turnover

Water savings through gypsum application

May 18th, 2010|

REGYP produces a high quality gypsum products suitable for reuse in plasterboard and cement manufacturing and also soution grade gypsum products. REGYP through its relationships can provide solution grade gypsum for irrigation applications reducing water usage throughout NSW and QLD. By offering a cheaper gypsum product suitable for grinding into solution grade gypsum for irrigation,

Treatment of Irrigation Water with Gypsum

March 20th, 2010|

Gypsum has many uses in industry, agriculture and it can also assist in the treatment of irrigation water for operations such as the coal seam gas extraction. During Coal Seam Methane a large volume of brackish water is brought to the surface. This water needs to be treated to remove most of the salt before

Flocculation on construction projects

December 14th, 2009|

Flocculation is the process of causing small, suspended materials to stick to each other to form “flocs”. These flocs more readily settle out compared to the individual particles. When soil is exposed during civil construction, stormwater runoff can to pick up the soil particles and carry them to the nearest water conveyance. The larger particles,

Solution Grade Gypsum – What is it?

December 1st, 2009|

The use of gypsum(1) as a soil amendment and fertiliser has been well documented for over 200 years. Historically, gypsum has been spread over the ground using mechanical or manual methods. Depending on the situation, this relatively coarse gypsum has often been incorporated into the soil to hasten its effect. Unfortunately, in many cases gypsum

FCR recycling trials

November 1st, 2009|

ReGyp has trialed various methods of recycling fibre cement board (FCR). ReGyp is continuing to develop this equipment and end uses for the recycled products. Fibre cement products are a mixture of cellulose fibre, cement, ground sand and water. Fibre cement products are used extensively in renovations, commercial buildings and in the construction of new