Mixing Solution Grade & Flocculation Grade Gypsum products with water.

The general ratios for batch mixing gypsum in a water tank for pumping out.

With GOOD hydraulic agitation that reaches all of the dead spots of the tank the max amount of gypsum you could hold in solution would be 20% w/v max of Solution Grade gypsum  eg. 500kg gypsum in 2500lt solution.

FloccGrade gypsum will settle out a lot faster than Solution Grade in the mixing tank and would require significantly more agitation. Allow 10% w/v max of Solution Grade gypsum  eg. 250kg gypsum in 2500lt solution.

NOTE – These are to be used as guides only as most tanks/agitation and pumping equipment is different from job to job. If in doubt start a half of the above w/v max value as a trial first.

Dosage Rate Info