REGYP supplies soil sdditives for superior lawn establishment and growth:

1. Mined Gypsum,
2. Super Ag Gypsum (recycled gypsum),
3. Organics (pasteurised organic material)

Super Ag Gypsum (Calcium Sulphate) should be applied to all lawn planting areas prior to any cultivation at a rate of up to 2 kg/m², and should be incorporated into the surface by rotary hoeing. Planting or grassing should not be carried out within 2 weeks of the gypsum application.

Organics – Two to three weeks before planting, REGYP Org-Gyp compost should be applied at a rate of up to 2 cubic metres per 100 square meters should be spread and thoroughly incorporated into the cultivated zone during cultivation in order to stimulate soil microbial activity to convert some of the organic matter to available nutrients prior to planting.

General Lawn Establishment Tips:

  • Weed Control – Before planting commences, the areas to be planted should be eradicated of weeds and any existing vegetative growth (excluding native vegetation) should be slashed to a height of 150 mm. Trash build-up and cut material should be removed from the area prior to spraying with a knockdown herbicide (eg Roundup) incorporating a herbicide marker. Roundup Biactive should be used around wetlands and waterways. The herbicide should be used according to the manufacturer’s recommended rates.
  • Ground Preparation – After a period no shorter than 10 days after spraying, the areas to be turfed should be cultivated. Soil should be cultivated to a depth of 150 mm in order to break up compacted soil and incorporate any specified soil additives. Preparation works should not be carried out if the soil is too wet or too dry. The soil should be cultivated to a fine tilth, raked and lightly rolled to bring the surface to an even grade, free from small mounds and hollows. All deleterious material including roots, stones and building debris exceeding 50 mm in diameter, which is unsuitable for respreading, should be removed and disposed. If an irrigation system is to be installed, it should be completed prior to final levelling.

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