The Regyp Hatton Vale project aims to use a small portion of the farming land in the Lockyer Valley to recycle plasterboard waste into usable gypsum products and also produce manufactured high analysis mineral products and blends for the local and SEQ farming operations.

The project would employ up to ten employees onsite and using the Lockyer Council model, the business could inject upto $2M pa into the local economy, which could create another 10 regional jobs through flow on effects. The project would also divert upto 20,000 tpa of waste plasterboard away from landfill, saving natural resources and CO2 generation.

Regyp recently received preliminary State Government Approvals from both the from Department of Environment & Science and SEQ Water, which demonstrates the project has met the relevant environmental standards to carry out the proposed activities within two sheds on the subject site. Obtaining Council approval is the next step.

Regyp has now finished the LVRC public notification period for the development application, for the Rural Supply Centre and is now awaiting Council response. The project aim is to produce high quality agricultural products for customers in local area and Southern Queensland. The activities include recycled gypsum processing and natural minerals milling and screening.

Under the Development Application the proposed development was classed as Noxious and Offensive Industry by the Council. This was the default chosen by Council because there were no definitions in the Planning Scheme that suited the Rural Supply Centre use (i.e. producing recycled gypsum etc). When the site/farm was purchased, it was an operating dairy and piggery of which both are offensive activities.

Regyp originally purchased the Hatton Vale farm for the proposed project after initial discussions and investigations with the Lockyer Council, as there were no large industrial blocks available in the area. All investigations showed the site and the area were suitable for the proposed operations. Since purchasing the farm, REGYP has commissioned numerous detailed studies by expert consultants to assess things like traffic, noise, flood & dust, whose reports were submitted with the Development Application.

Both REGYP and its sister company Pacific Fertiliser supply numerous Agricultural products to Lockyer growers via local resellers, including recycled and natural gypsum products. Such as Kalfresh, Barden, Koala, Huggins, Gibb, Bare Essentials and other local farming operations.

REGYP plans to continue farming the land around the Rural Supply Centre sheds, as a mixed farming enterprise including crop and livestock production. The size of the proposed sheds, are allowed in the rural zone for agricultural activities. Since purchasing the farm, we have increased the productive cropping area of the farm by nearly 50%, which more than offsets the 1ha of land the operation and sheds would occupy. REGYP would also like to expand the farming operations in the area to increase the farming productivity of the Hatton Vale South area and ensure its longevity as a farming community.

As with our support of local sporting teams and growers groups, REGYP wishes to build a sustainable business in the area that not only supports the local community and neighbourhood but also the local economy well into the future.

We are available to meet on the farm (or present to a group) at anytime for questions and to discuss the project, the development application or employment opportunities. If you would like to meet up please contact the office to organise ph 1300473497 or visit the website.