What is Green Star?
Green Star is a comprehensive, national, voluntary environmental rating system that evaluates the environmental design and construction of buildings and, with 11 per cent of Australia’s CBD commercial office buildings Green Star certified, building green is now a business imperative.

So why should you choose Green Star for your next project?
There are many business benefits for choosing Green Star for your next project including:
– Lower operating costs
– Higher return on investment
– Greater tenant attraction
– Enhanced marketability
– Productivity benefits
– Reduced liability and risk
– A healthier place to live and work
– Demonstration of Corporate Social Responsibility
– Future proofed assets
– Competitive advantage


How can REGYP assist you in achieving a Green Star Rating?
REGYP can gain you credits in the management criteria through the adoption of sustainable development principles in construction techniques of separating plasterboard and gyprock waste on-site for recycling. Not to mention using the GECA labelled plasterboard products that REGYP supplies recycled gypsum to.

REGYP is the only company in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Newcastle, Wollongong and Central West NSW accepting C&D gyprock and plasterboard waste of all types from construction sites for 100% recycling.

REGYP offers solutions that reduce your waste costs, increase sustainability, reduce the amount of landfill waste and reduce demand on natural resources.

Unlike services from plasterboard manufacturers, REGYP accepts and recycles all board products in all forms, including waste generated from new construction, fit-out, demolition, strip-out and renovation sites. The ReGyp solution is 100% efficient, with all plasterboard & gyprock waste recycled into usable products.

Regyp has flexibility to work in with your waste management plan, construction schedule and existing construction and waste contractors to enable you to achieve the highest sustainable development possible.

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