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REGYP providing better waste management solutions for commercial, construction and manufacturing industries.

The current waste levy in the Sydney metro area is $58.80 per tonne and will increase by $10 per tonne on 1st July 2010 taking the levy to $68.50 plus CPI increases.

The current waste levy in the Melbourne metro area is $9.00 per tonne for municipal waste and $15 per tonne for industrial waste and both waste streams will increase to $30 per tonne on the 1st July 2010. The levy is set to increase by another $10 per tonne in 2011/12.

Using REGYP’s waste services for your separated plasterboard and gyprock waste will assist you with your waste management plan, meeting your environmental compliance requirements, reducing you waste costs and divert waste from landfills.

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diverting waste from landills

June 15th, 2010|