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Canola Sowing 2014

Nov 13, 2013   //   by admin   //   Agricultural Gypsum  //  Comments Off

REGYP is aiming to keep the price of the very popular Super Ag Gypsum product at 2012 price levels. We have recently doubled our plant capacity at Kurnell, to increase production rates and will be aiming to offer a continued reliable supply of the 92+% pure gypsum product for the 2014 sowing season. Super Ag gypsum and Regyp’s other cheaper screened recycled gypsum products are a highly soluble and pure source of gypsum containing both sulphur and calcium.


  • As of January 2014 REGYP will be offering a recycled lime product “Super Ag Lime” from Cowra, this products is a highly soluble and pure source of calcium carbonate. General product specs are CaCo3 95%, Ca 38%, with an NV 95.
  • Other new products available are prilled gypsum, prilled lime, rehab coarse recycled gypsum and bulk organic compost.
  • Since 1 July 2013, REGYP now sells recycled products such as gypsum, lime and compost and Pacific Fertiliser Pty Ltd now sells the natural mined products including gypsum, lime, phosphate rock, magnesium, dolomite etc. Please find a price list for Pacific Fertiliser attached.

Mushroom Compost

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When you need mushroom compost in larger quantities and don’t want to deal with 20 kg bags, REGYP can deliver it to you in bulk loads.

We have stockpiles of premium mushroom compost at Singleton and Windsor, which are suitable for larger scale gardens, vegetable and turf farms.

The spent mushroom compost is full of nutrients, microbes, carbon and trace elements. With the addition of gypsum in the compost it also has good calcium and sulphur levels.

The is not a waste product, the inputs into the mushroom compost are natural products and are blended and composted under strict quality control.

For more information please call 1300 473 497.

Green Globe Video for Environmental Innovation Award

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Click on video links –  GreenGlobeAward 2013 sml or

Aerial Grade Gypsum – SSG10

Oct 16, 2013   //   by admin   //   Agricultural Gypsum  //  Comments Off

SuperSpread Gypsum 10 (SSG10) is pefect for aerial applications out of aircraft setup to spread fertilisers.

Gypsum Purity 90+%,
Calcium 22.5+%
Sulphur 17+5

You will need to do more trips with SSG10 then other available aerial gypsum due to its lower bulk density, but you need to assess not only landed cost, application costs, but also purity and solubility when comparing each product.

The benefits of SSG10 is that even though the particle size is bigger, it is very soluble and very pure. The SSG10 granules are made up of thousands of ultra-fine gypsum particles giving each granule incredible surface area.


SSG10 – Bulk density is usual around the 0.7 tonne / m3. Example a standard Fletcher Hopper Volume is ~ 1.7m3, and a Fletcher can carry up to 1.4 tonne on a good strip, we allow for 10 – 1.1t per load due to the lower bulk density.


For example you can have washed gypsum crystals that are suitable to flow in a aircraft hopper but aren’t very soluble because of the average particle size. This means it will take a long time (years) for the sulphur and calcium to go into solution to provide the benefits you paid for.

We can also provide mined gypsum and prilled mined gypsum if the recycled gypsum is not suitable for you.

REGYP is attending the Orange Field Days

Oct 9, 2013   //   by admin   //   Agricultural Gypsum, General  //  Comments Off

REGYP will be at the 2013 Orange Field Days.

We will have numerous samples of our various products onsite to educate people on the benefits of them for agricultural applications.

Site number I 40 – 42.

We look forward to seeing you there.




REGYP wins a Green Globe Award

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REGYP has won the NSW Government’s top environmental award for Environmental Innovation at the Green Globe Award ceremony held on 24 September at NSW Parliament House.

REGYP took out the honour for its Plasterboard Recycling project.

Adam Proctor said that winning the Award raises their profile as a leader in sustainability and environmental excellence.

“It is very rewarding to know that REGYP is helping the manufacturing, building and agricultural industries deal with the growing issues of waste and finite resources, but to receive recognition and exposure through the 2013 Green Globe Awards is a great achievement for our business.” Adam Proctor said.

“REGYP recycles waste plasterboard in 100% reusable products such as recycled gypsum throughout Australia, diverting waste away from landfills,” said Adam Proctor.

NSW Environment Minister and host of the Awards, Robyn Parker, congratulated this year’s winners saying that the diversity of their projects proves that sustainability has become part of everyday business in NSW.

“The 2013 winners show us that no matter the size or type of organisation, investing in sustainability brings social and economic benefits to the community,” said Ms Parker.

“The Green Globe Awards foster partnerships and helps like-minded organisations to share ideas and learn from each other.

“It’s exciting to see this year’s winners leading by example and striving to find new ways to live and work more sustainably.

“By working collaboratively we can improve businesses environmental performance and make communities and Government more sustainable,” Ms Parker said.

For a full list of 2013 Green Globe Award winners, visit

Photos for news media:

Releases the New Sydney Rehab Gypsum Product

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REGYP is now offering a similar product to its Brisbane Rehab Gypsum from the Kurnell plant in Sydney.

Rehab gypsum is the cheapest gypsum product we sell, which means it is a very low cost source of calcium and sulphur and is perfect for applications where cultivation and/or the addition of topsoil after spreading are used to incorporate the gypsum.

The product contains fine and coarse gypsum particles offering you an immediate release and a continued longer release from the coarser particles. This product also has the added benefit of limited dust generation during spreading and the paper provides some organic content.

REGYP has approval for all of its recycled gypsum products to be applied to land, including Rehab gypsum.

The general Rehab product specs are:

  • 75+% gypsum purity; 
  • Sulphur 15+% 
  • Calcium 22+% 
  • Paper/Organics <10% w/w 
  • Screened Gypsum Size sub 35mm

High Yielding Corn Crop with Gypsum

Jun 5, 2013   //   by admin   //   Agricultural Gypsum, General, News  //  Comments Off

REGYP supplied Super AG gypsum to Lachlan Valley Produce in Central West NSW for their 2013 corn crop.

The results of the bumper crop using the premium recycled gypsum product can be seen in the photos.


Australian Canola Outlook

Mar 8, 2013   //   by admin   //   Agricultural Gypsum, General  //  Comments Off

AUSTRALIAN canola production is tipped to drop below three million tonnes next season but recover gradually over the next four years.

ABARES is predicting a steady if unspectacular outlook for growth in Australia’s major oilseed crop with production tipped to climb to 3.3 million tonnes by 2017-18.

The forecast rise would be on the back of an expected two per cent lift in annual plantings to 2.3 million hectares by 2017-18 and would also be boosted by an increased uptake in genetically modified (GM) varieties.

Just as unspectacular was the price outlook for canola with ABARES forecasting a price of $529 a tonne next season (compared with $545 this year) which would decline to $447 (in 2012-13 dollars) by 2017-18.

SPC Launches Kingaroy Baked Beans

Nov 29, 2012   //   by admin   //   Agricultural Gypsum  //  No Comments

A new line of baked beans produced in Australia will be released to super markets soon.

Bean Growers Australia recently viewed the new Kingaroy Baked Bean label from SPC.