regyp_map_iconSUPERSPREAD 10

SUPER SPREAD 10 gypsum is a recycled gypsum product, with purity comparable to premium grade mined gypsum at a reduced price. It can be used as a cheaper substitute to premium grade mined gypsum for agricultural pasture applications and rehabilitation works. It is also suitable for aerial applications and applications where low gypsum application rates are required such as aerial applications.

Gypsum 90%
Calcium 23%
Sulphur 17%
Organics (paper) 2%


      • Increased solubility, up to 3 times more than other mined sources;
      • Lower applications rates (up to 15%) due to its much higher purity than most mined gypsum sources, saving you money;
      • Medium sized granular particles allow for ease of product flow, increased spread width and application control with lower dust levels. Leading to further application savings through increased spreading widths over mined sources (widths up to 30m); and
      • Porous structure provides more surface area then conventional natural gypsum sources. This means that the gypsum will fully dissolve into the soil solution quickly.