SUPERFLOCC products are fine ground mined gypsum. The solution and aerial grade gypsum products are suitable for industrial, agricultural cropping and civil applications. The ground gypsum can be mixed with water and applied via irrigation (flood, drip), spread aerially, or added to dams for flocculation (to reduce water turbidity) and many other applications.

Gypsum 93%
Calcium 24%
Sulphur 17%


      • The solubility and effectiveness of gypsum as a flocculant is based on purity and particle size. REGYP’s solution grade and aerial grade gypsum products are made from natural high purity gypsum with a particle size distribution designed for easy dissolution in both irrigation & pumping systems.
      • The products are quick acting flocculants & soil ameliorators for dissolution in water and displacement of sodium in the soil, giving a readily available calcium & sulphur source.
      • This means SuperFlocc gypsum goes into solution quicker to provide fast action for settling clay in turbid dams and providing crops with calcium and sulphur.