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SUPER AG Gypsum is superior to other available sources of gypsum for agricultural applications. The gypsum is a high performance processed source of calcium and sulphur suitable for agricultural applications.

It can be used as a cheaper substitute to premium grade mined gypsum for agricultural cropping applications, aerial applications, industrial uses and civil works. SUPER AG Gypsum is a very popular recycled gypsum product, with purity comparable to premium grade mined gypsum at a lower price.

Gypsum 92%
Calcium 23%
Sulphur 17%
Organics (paper) 2%


      • Its porous structure provides more surface area then conventional natural gypsum sources providing  increased solubility
      • Lower applications rates (up to 15%) due to its much higher purity than most NSW mined gypsum sources, saving you money
      • Further application savings through increased spreading widths over mined sources
      • This quality means the SUPER AG Gypsum will be the cheapest source of applied gypsum and it will fully dissolve into the soil solution at a much faster rate, leaving no un-dissolved gypsum particles.