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REGYP has refined its Super Ag Lime (carbide lime) product which is up to 150% more effective at raising pH and quicker to react than ground limestone (calcium carbonate/ag lime).

Brief products specifications are CaCO3 94+%, Ca 35+% and NV 95+

Super Ag Lime is an off white granular or powder product that is obtained when calcium oxide is mixed, or slaked with water then dried, crushed and screened.

  • C-Lime2 – sub 2mm powder – a very soluble product suitable for many agricultural and industrial applications
  • C-Lime210 – Aerial grade granular product – very spreadable from plane and conical 3 point linkage spreader (cheaper substitute for ¬†prilled lime)
  • C-Lime10 – General Ag grade product – contains fines and granular particles making handling and spreading easier, with less dust


July 24th, 2014|