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Mined gypsum in Australia can come in many forms with varying quality.

The most pure gypsum is generally mined near Ceduna in South Australia and Dampier in WA.

Other regional gypsum mines can produce sub standard gypsum, so when comparing any gypsum products including recycled gypsum, you must look at the purity and the sulphur or calcium content depending on which you are after.  When doing this you can work out the landed cost per unit of gypsum, sulphur or calcium (see spreadsheet below).

The general benefits of recycled gypsum:

  • Its porous structure provides more surface area then conventional natural gypsum sources providing  increased solubility
  • Lower applications rates (up to 15%) due to its much higher purity than most NSW mined gypsum sources, saving you money
  • Further application savings through increased spreading widths over mined sources

This quality means the REGYP recycled gypsum will be generally be the cheapest source of applied gypsum and it will fully dissolve into the soil solution at a much faster rate, leaving no un-dissolved gypsum particles.


Gypsum Cost Comparison Example:

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