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REGYP is now offering a biosolid product to compliment it’s range of gypsum products.

Product Qualities:
Biosolids offer a nutrient-rich alternative to conventional inorganic fertilisers. Biosolids contain nutrients, organic matter and moisture and when applied to land they can improve soil chemical and physical properties and enhance plant growth. When Biosolids are applied with gypsum you combine the benefits of organics with increased sulphur and calcium to increase the effectiveness of each application. Biosolids can be used for a wide range of beneficial uses including agriculture, forestry, land rehabilitation and landscaping.

Biosolid Product Specifications:
The table below shows the characteristics of the biosolid product only. The ratio of gypsum blended with the biosolid will be determined by soil testing and the blend ratio will effect the final calcium and sulphur percentages.

biosolid spreading

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July 17th, 2010|