Humates, which are composed of various forms of carbon, are naturally occurring material that is very rich in humified organic matter and humic substances. Humates are now recognised as one of the single most productive inputs in sustainable agriculture.

The humates which we use for our products are brown coal or lignites and were formed some 20 million years ago. They are originally formed as peat from decomposed forests and plants became more and more compressed. Australian humate contains almost 60% concentrated organic matter. The humates are highly water soluble so that the Humic Acid can properly move through the soil, chelate with other salts, minerals and fertilisers, stimulating microbial responses.

Humic Acid 54%
Fulvic Acid 44%


      • Improve soil structure by promoting soil microbes
      • Increase cation exchange capacity (CEC)
      • Increase the water holding capacity and re-wet ability of soil
      • Increase the effectiveness of applied fertilisers and has the potential to replace chemical fertilisers by up to 25%
      • Provide plant resistance against stresses such as drought, frost, diseases etc.
      • REGYP sells humates in raw fines and granular form with the ability to blend minerals like soft rock phosphate and add liquid biology.