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The European GtoG Project (Gypsum to Gypsum) is a perfect loop and the path to a circular economy: a European collaborative project between the recycling industry, the demolition sector, and the gypsum industry.

Background – The European gypsum industry wishes to promote an increase in the culture of recycling and close the loop for gypsum products and systems within the gypsum industry as well as with the relevant stakeholders in the construction chain. Protecting the natural resources and avoiding an overall negative impact on the environment are key elements of such a culture – well-being, quality and sufficiency for all – within a global economy.
Gypsum products can be counted amongst the very few construction materials where “closed-loop” recycling is possible, i.e. where the waste is used to make the same product again. Gypsum as such is 100% and eternally recyclable. You can always reuse Gypsum because the chemical composition of the raw material in plasterboard and blocks always remains the same. Gypsum is definitely a construction material with multiple environmental benefits!
Objective – The main objective of the GTOG project is to change the way gypsum based waste are treated. Despite the fact that a closed loop is possible, the reality is different. The GtoG project aims attransforming the European gypsum demolition waste market to achieve higher recycling rates of gypsum waste, thereby helping to achieve a resource efficient economy.
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July 16th, 2014|