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If you require to treat your excavation pit water before pumping it out, you may need to treat the water with gypsum to reduce the turbidity.

Treatment with REGYP gypsum can allow you to settle the suspended clays and fine silts before discharging the water from site.

REGYP sells gypsum for flocculation and treatment of muddy water from construction sites.

Flocculation is the process of causing small, suspended materials to stick to each other to form “flocs”. These flocs more readily settle out compared to the individual particles.

When soil is exposed during civil construction, stormwater runoff can to pick up the soil particles and carry them to the nearest water conveyance. The larger particles, such as pebbles and sand, will fall quickly to the bottom once the flow rate slows. However, clays and fine silts will tend to stay suspended because they are much lighter and slower to settle out. The resulting turbidity can travel many miles in streams or keep ponds and lakes muddy looking for a long time after a storm.

Turbidity reduces the biological productivity of the affected waters, decreases recreational value, and increases water treatment costs for industrial or drinking water plants. The purpose of flocculants is to treat the water so that suspended clays and fine silts will settle out of the water quickly. Without treatment, it may take weeks or years to settle out.

The most practical and least expensive option for most situations is flocculation. Gypsum can coagulate or bridge clay particles, which accelerates settling. Flocculants should be used to prevent damage to sensitive water resources such as ponds, lakes and trout streams or whenever turbidity control is required.

Application rates are dependent on the soil type and amount of turbidity. The most pratical test is to carry out a jar or bucket test using slightly varying rates of gypsum to see which gives the best result. Typical rates of 10 – 100ppm are common.

Regyp supplies gypsum suitable for manual applications in bulk and bulkbags and Central Milling produces solution grade gypsum for faster flocculation results especially when used with the Soilution Master mechanical mixing system, pre-application. The best product for flocculation is the Soilution G100S Solution Grade Gypsum.

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