regyp_map_iconSUPER AG LIME

REGYP supplies a high quality recycled Ag lime product throughout NSW and QLD. REGYP’s Super Ag Lime product is a premium high quality source of calcium which can be used for numerous applications from agricultural cropping applications, industrial uses and civil works.

REGYP is in a great position to supply the Super Ag Lime product to the greater Sydney, greater Brisbane, central west NSW and South East QLD areas. Super Ag Lime is also known as Burnt lime, carbide lime or hydrated lime and is pound for pound up to 150% more effective at raising pH and is also quicker to react than ground limestone (calcium carbonate/ag lime). Similar to the recycled gypsum products the lime’s solubility and purity are comparable to the best limestone mines in Australia.

CaCO3 94%
Ca 35%
mgCO3 1%
Netrualising Value 95%


      • Super Ag Lime is an off white granular or powder product that is obtained when calcium oxide is mixed, or slaked with water then dried, crushed and screened.
      • C-Lime2 – sub 2mm powder – a very soluble product suitable for many agricultural and industrial applications
      • C-Lime210 – Aerial grade granular product – very spreadable from plane and conical 3 point linkage spreader (cheaper substitute for  prilled lime)
      • C-Lime10 – General Ag grade product – contains fines and granular particles making handling and spreading easier, with less dust.