REGYP provides recycling solutions and gypsum sales. We are the only plasterboard recycler offering a national solution. Using our services can reduce your waste costs, increase sustainability, reduce the amount of landfill waste and reduce demand on our precious natural resources. The company REGYP Pty Ltd was founded in 2007 to offer sustainable solutions in plasterboard recycling after the founder was project managing the construction of large plasterboard manufacturing plants and mining operations in Australia.


REGYP offers waste plasterboard collection points, skip bin collection and truck pick-up services for the collection of Plasterboard and Gyprock waste from your building and construction sites. Unlike other plasterboard waste services, REGYP accepts and recycles all plasterboard and gyprock products in all forms, including waste generated from new construction, demolition, fit-out and renovation sites. The REGYP solution is close to 100% efficient, with all plasterboard & gyprock waste recycled into usable products.


Through purpose built recycling equipment REGYP produces high quality recycled gypsum products, suitable for Manufacturing and Agricultural applications. We are the only company in Australia closing the loop by recycling demolition plasterboard waste for reuse in the manufacture of new plasterboard. REGYP also processes and sells other high quality recycled agricultural products like compost, manure, humates, silica and slaked lime products. PACIFIC FERTILISER is a sister company that refines and sells natural mined mineral products, organic fertilisers, manufactured fertilisers and blends visit  www.pacificfertiliser.com for more information.